Best Fruit Salad Fruit Chaat Recipe for Ramadan 2019 | Iftar Recipes

In this Video, I am sharing a quick and easy  Fruit Salad / Fruit Chaat Recipe that is a great Iftar idea for Ramadan. This recipe is easy to make and simple to follow. anyone can make really delicious Fruit Chaat or Fruit Salad in just a few minutes. It is a great Idea to serve at parties as well. your guests will fall in love with this fruit salad or Fruit Chaat.

A fruit salad or Fruit Chaat is best to eat at breakfast and or lunch. it can also be served as a healthy snack for kids and adults. A healthy meal replacement. it also helps in weight loss. sometimes it can be challenging for parents to feed kids fruits, This Fruit Salad / Fruit Chaat recipe will help solve that problem. Kids will fall in love with this Fruit chaat Fruit Salad and will the get the essential vitamins they need by natural fruits consumption.
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